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Video Update Qubool Hai 13th February 2014 Video Watch Online 720p *HD*at night..gauffer puts mhendi on humz and comes out of her room and razia comes and says my eye is on ur every move. First saughat and now mhendi..i dont like it. and auffer says i dont care about ur likes and dislikes…and razia says u have to care. i m quiet doesnt mean i cant speak. Some truths dont take long in coming out and some lies also become truth. dont try to tell zoya…and gauffer says i m not tellin her anything…and razia says u r not telling but u r showing ur emotions. she cant reach her father until u dont show her the way how to. Gauffer says zoya will find a way. as i m eager for her … she also is eager to meet her father so she will surely reach me. No one can stop her…NOT EVEN YOU!!! and he leaves. Razia is maha pissed.

Humz wake up and sees mhendi in her hand..and wonders how it got there and she rubs it.

Asad comes and is talking about temp and tanveer is listening and asad sees her. So asad tells wajid to keep the lungage in the room. Tanveer comes to Asad and trys to convince him that she has changed…and she wants to come to his wedding. and send some gifts. and asad says u can give me one gift …STAY AWAY from my wedding. and leaves. and tanveer says u tell me the truth or not..but i know that Nuzat was lying to me…as why the need for warm clothes in Hydrabad. That means wedding is taking place in a cold place. but where?? and she turns and finds Zoya standing there…and zoya smiles and says u will never know where the wedding is taking place. Zoya says i m surprised that after all that has happened u still want to know where the wedding is taking place. Zoya says when will u know that we dislike u so much. We dont even want ur shawdow there to the place we are going. We have no place in our hearts. Tanveer says i have changed all i want to do is send gifts. and Zoya reminds her of how she had mixed Acid in her mhendi and now she can not believe her anymore. Now we will be together forever and no matter what u will not be able to separate us. and ZOYA leaves.

Wajid comes to humz with food and humz ask for yogurt..and then she looks for note for haider…and he says no matter what will run away from here tonight. and humz is wondering how it will happen…but smiles. and then it is shown Humz and haider is running away from home…and haider assures her nothing will happen to her until she is with him.

gauffer tells Zoya that his blessings are with her…very emotionally…and Zoya says Thank you. and starts leaving and gauffer says i know u will look beautiful in ur wedding dress…and Zoya wonders how does he know the color of my wedding dress?? she turns to ask but he has left. and zoya wonders he did send the saughat?? but dadi says such saughat is sent by parents for their daughter. Gauffer is having flashbacks of Zoya as his daughter and crying…and tanveer comes and taunts Gauffer. and gauffer leaves from there.

Haider and humz get off a truck and humz says is asad getting married here…and haider jokes around and humz says i dont care…i only care about u and me. and humz hands her hand to haider.

Asad and zoya cute moments:

Asad says the shayari..and so does Zoya.

Gauffer sees a door open and says how is this door open..and razia is inside…and he says where is humz..and she says she left. and razia reads the letter from humz that she is leaving with Haider. and Gauffer sits down broken. and he feels i have to go find humz wherever she is.

Precap – Humaira runs and hugs Haider and says I love you. Other hand, Zoya Asad says qubool hai in front of Taj Mahal.

Video Update Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 13th February 2014 Video Watch Online 720p *HD*

The episode starts with Avantika, Anuj and Sheela coming to the IPO meeting. Avantika and Anuj promise the investors that their money will be saved at Deewan Group and will grow. Someone says, Mr Kumar and Deewan said that there will be no hierarchy. Do you agree? Avantika says, we should give a chance to the youngster as we will be elders when our kids grow. Everyone applaud for them. They pose together and stand infront of Nanu’s large photo. Anuj declares that IPO of the deewan group is open and invites them for the party. Pankhudi thinks to call Dadaji and inform him. Dadaji tells Govardhan mama that the conflicts is resolved in deewan family. Govardhan mama says, so Adi will be the MD now. Dadaji says, Pankhudi will call at the night and inform us.

Sheela feels bad for fighting with her relatives. Avantika tells Anuj that they will leave now. Anuj says, will meet at the party tomorrow. Pankhudi tells Avantika that Nanu’s photo is still kept there. Avantika looks at Nanu’s photo. All the Deewan’s come home and hold Nanu’s photo emotionally. They gets united to keep the photo at its original place. All the youngters smile seeing the reconciliation. Avantika tells Harish, lets go. Sheela stops her and says, I know you are upset with me. Everyone have the right to upset with me. She gives something to everyone. She says, I have right to apologize. She asks Avantika to forgive her. Harish says, I am really proud of my kids Adi and Pankhudi. Anuj asks Pankhudi to take home responsibilities and free Sheela. Avantika says, they will live at our place. Anuj and Sheela ask her to let them stay here. Avantika says, lets go.

Sheela tells Adi that Avantika needs time to forget her mistake. She asks Adi to help her in uniting Nanu’s family. Adi promises to unite their family. Govardhan mama brings tickets for Dadaji to go to Mumbai. Harish cooks for Avantika. Avantika is still thinking. Harish asks her to taste the dish. Avantika says, I am not done yet. Avantika tastes it and says it is terrible. Harish says, we will get the food order from outside. Avantika recalls about Sheela’s harsh words. She tells Harish that she won’t be coming to the party. Rubel comes to Sheela. Sheela tells Rubel that she never thought bad about Adi but her love for him overshadowed everything. Rubel says, But I still love you mom, but don’t do this mistake again. Sheela promises not to repeat her mistake again. They hug and make up. Anuj looks on.

Harish calls Adi and tells about Avantika. Harish asks him to give sometime to Avantika to forget it. Shanky is sitting beside Nanu and nani’s photos. Pankhudi comes, Shanky tells her that Saheb gave you a big responsibility to you. Pankhudi says, everyone of us want to fulfill Nanu’s dream. This is everyone’s story, fight and make up.

In the morning, Pankhudi asks Adi to wake up as they have to get ready for the party. Adi says, I was dreaming….He asks her to ask. Pankhudi asks, what? Rubel comes and says you might have seen charming girls with you. Adi says, I have seen you, me, Payal and Rubel on a holiday……to Australia. Rubel and Payal get happy. Pankhudi says, I didn’t go to Australia even once. Adi says, I have to complete my dream and sleeps.

Anuj asks Sheela to check her friends list once. Pankhudi asks her to forget the past things. Pankhudi tells Anuj that everyone is coming from Kulu. She starts her usual taunting. Adi comes and says I can say anything. Harish comes. Sheela asks, where is Avantika? Harish says, Party is in the evening naa. Sheela asks, she will come na.

Everyone are dancing and enjoying on the song Khushiyan Hi Khushiyan Ho Daman Me Tere…..at the party….Avantika looks upset.

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